Dripping Morning Dew Red Rose




< Food Chain Rebranding project > Wasabi is New York's first fast-casual, grab-and-go traditional Japanese sushi and bento dining destination specializing in individually wrapped sushi, sushi sets, and Japanese bento.

JOYCE Theater
<Rebranding Project of Joyce Theater>
JOYCE theater is a non-profit organization to proudly serve the dance community and its audiences. Introduce diverse dance genres and grow up young dancers. The keywords are "movement" and "playful", based on dancers' performances.

:Fury Road

< Graphical Map of my favorite movie, Mad Max : Fury Road >
This project is about to make a graphical map meaningful to me. So I selected one of my favorite movies, Mad Max : Fury Road. This movie is full of action scenes and speed. Even it has philosophical thinking about our nature. The aim of this web is the “graphical interpretation” of this movie. Also, I want someone who didn’t watch this movie can get some interest in it.

Book Cover
🌿Book cover of Han Kang 's novel, Vegetarian🌿 
This book cover is based on one of my favorite Korean novels, Han Kang’s Vegetarian. The Vegetarian tells the story of Yeong-hye, a home-maker who, one day, suddenly decides to stop eating meat after a series of dreams involving images of animal slaughter. This abstention leads her to become distanced from her family and from society. I thought her life looks like meat packaging - also similar to the meat by a meat grinder. So I focused on her packed life. And the pattern of the covers came from dried tree’s wrinkles. I did lots of sketches and experimental scanning. 

Demian+Analytical Psychology
Book Design
< I made a set of two different books (Cover & Inside Pages) > 
The assignment is the combination of two texts. So I picked one of my favorite novels called Demain by Hermann Hesse and Analytical Psychology. Hermann Hesse was interested in psychology, a lot of parts of Demain present Analytical Psychology. Also, the novel is sensitive and the notion of psychology has a dull atmosphere, but both texts feel boring and hard to approach. So, I thought to mix with these two texts is really fun, so I tried to add little drawings as a point on these two books.

One Two Step

< A poster inspired by B R L L N T - Onetwostep >
This is my first sound poster project. Usually, I really like the music in Sound Cloud, B R L L N T is one of my most favorite Sound Cloud composer. Especially Onetwostep is a remix version of Ciara’s original music 1,2 step. This song’s sound feels like jelly and very digital. And I added my imaginations, big jelly bear’s travel on the Earth. So I designed the big gummy bear poster based on our cosmic world and lines of typography came from the lyrics of this song. Enjoy the bear's trip in my imagination.




Motion Show Opening Animation

Short 2 sec. animation for Motion Show Opening.

Little Happiness

Frame by Frame+AE
< Frame-by-frame motion project > ‘Little Happiness’ describes the usual passing moments of our every life.
Perfect flipping egg, Add whip cream on cocoa, Touch someonne’s fluffy dog, Toasted bread, Slice the butter, Folding clothes neatly

< My first motion graphic self-portrait project > When I was sophomore student, I got an interest about collage in John Ruggeri’s drawing class. This is my first digital collage project series and I really like experimental combination of bright colors. Everything was directed by me.

Children Tangram Festival

< Promotion video and posters of my fictional festival >This project is based on a fictional event. The first theme was “children”, and I thought about my kindergarten life. I hate mathematics and Tangram was a really useful way to get an interest in mathematics. This poster series was inspired by the wood colored-blocks, children’s common toys.

Title Sequence

Frame by Frame+AE

< I made a title sequence for my favorite TV Series, Hannibal > 
It started with an actor named Mads Mikkelsen. This TV series is a kind of cruel but delicate psychological description. I mixed with frame by frame animation and after effects. One rotation has 24 frames.